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The Roberts family moved to Moose River from Parrsboro to build ships. The first ship yard was beside the river were Tidal River Ridge is now located. On our property are remains of the first settlement in Moose River. In the late 1800,s the Moose River lumber company was born. The remains of the saw mill can be seen from our rivers edge.

The saw dust pile was 85 feet high at one time and was called the pyramid by the locals. Steam ships would come from Boston to load up with lumber from the mill they would tie up at the mouth of the river at the wharfs the remain of which can still be seen today. There is also the remains of a dam that was built across the river to harnest the tides, behind the dam the river filled and formed a small lake which they used as the mill pond to hold the logs that were slused from the mountains.



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Parrsboro is only 10 min from Tidal River Ridge. This town of aprox 1600 people boast 28 shops, 8 restaurants, 4 museums, a nine-hole golf course and 2 banks. This historic town was originally located at Partridge Island. In 1784, Parrsboro relocated to its present location. Then was incorporated in 1889. Sea captains built many of its stately homes in the 1800’s..


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