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  • Spring

    What's a Canadian Spring like?

    The arrival of spring varies across the country. You can generally expect the weather to start getting warmer by April, although some areas experience spring even sooner. In Nova Scotia, the average spring temperatures range from 1 ˚C (34 ˚F) in late March to 17 ˚C (63 ˚F) by early June.

    Seasonal Activities

      A Sample of Spring Activities.

    •  Early bird golfing

    •  Visits to the Sugarwoods

    •  Pancake Brunches & Much More..

    What do our Springs have to offer?

    Mini-getaways feature tours of local attractions and early bird golf weekends. March and April offer visits to Sugarwoods Maple Forest where your family can watch the tapping of trees and the sugaring off process. Enjoy the education - then join us for a wonderful Pancake Brunch with fresh Maple Syrup from the trees.



  • Summer

    What's a Canadian Summer like?

    Canadian summers bring the heat to many parts of the country, especially in the central and mid-western provinces. Between June and August, you can expect to find great outdoor weather for hiking, swimming or just lying on a beach. Being on the ocean, Nova Scotia’s summers are usually moderate in temperature, ranging from 14 ˚C (57 ˚F) to 28 ˚C (82 ˚F).

    Seasonal Activities

      A Sample of Summer Activities.

    •  Hiking

    •  Fossil Hunting

    •  Clam Digging

    •  Golfing & Much More..

    What do our Summers have to offer?

    Summer and warm weather offer an array of outdoor activities. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking, geocaching, exploring for fossils, and clam digging. "Dinotours", Sandpiper Eco-Tours, fishing, golf and theatre will complete your day - and you'll be back just in time for a clam bake or a bonfire on the beach.



  • Autumn

    What's a Canadian Autumn like?

    Fall temperatures in Nova Scotia usually hover between 5C (41F) and 20C (68F), making for pleasant days and cool evenings and a perfect time for Nova Scotia's Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton and the annual Nova Scotia Fall Wine Festival to take place.

    Seasonal Activities

      A Sample of Autumn Activities.

    •  Spectacular Views

    •  Guiding Hiking Tours

    •  Campfires

    •  Golfing & Much More..

    What do our Autumns have to offer?

    Autumn is undoubtedly the most picturesque time of the year. Tidal River Ridge weekend vacations invite nature hobbyists and dabblers to enjoy colorful surroundings, spectactular scenery, guided hiking tours and evenings around a campfire. Prearranged activities will be accommodated on request.



  • Winter

    What's a Canadian Winter like?

    By late December, much of Canada is transformed into a winter wonderland, blanketed in a layer of snow. There are exceptions, particularly on the west coast, where snow is more of a rarity and golfers have been known to play throughout the season.

    Seasonal Activities

      A Sample of Winter Activities.

    •  Cross Country Skiing

    •  Snowmobiling

    •  Ice Skating

    •  Coasting & Much More..

    What do our Winters have to offer?

    Winter Vacations bring fun for the whole family with cross country skiing weekends, snowmobiling, skating, snow-shoeing and coasting. Cross country ski excursions at Five Islands Provincial Park and passes to the Fundy Geological Museum are available to make your Winter vacation exciting and adventurous.